seismic exploration

Construction of a velocity model of shear wave for complexly structured geological medium using neural network (by example of data of the South Caspian basin

Object. Development of a method for predicting a two-three dimensional velocity model of a medium by using a shear wave. Complexly structured geological medium is studied on the basis of geophysical and geological data using an artificial neural network. Method.  It provides the construction and use of medium models according to geophysical well logging data and other terrestrial geophysical methods. In contrast to existing methods, the proposed method also uses additional data on the medium.

Forecasting of oil and gas areas within the south-western part of the Srebnyanska depression of DDB according to the gravity and seismic data

Purpose. The purpose of the article is the interpretation of the gravity data with using the seismic data for revealing of zones of decompression with high porosity in the Visean carbonate of the Srebnenska depression (within Dnepro-Donetsk Basin). These zones may be associated with the development of organic Limestone massives, which are promising for hydrocarbon deposits. Methodology.