plastic deformation

Investigation of Hydrogel Sheets Based on Highly Esterified Pectin

The report describes the features of physical and mechanical properties and absorption capacity of hydrogels based on highly esterified pectin. Experimental data showed the correlation between these values. Also, an attempt is made to explain the obtained dependencies via the hydrogel morphology and the mechanism of its formation.

Formation Residual Stresses and Their Dependence on Technological Parameters of Process of Machining Parts

There are considered the technological ability to manage residual stress during machining by correcting the distorted structure of the treated surface det-lei new vector machines cutting speed for roughing and finishing operations processing.

Structure and dynamics of horizontal shear zones (by results of physical modelling and field studies)

Purpose. The aim of researches was to reproduce by the results of physical modeling the features of the formation and evolution of plicative and disjunctive structures in horizontal shear zones (HShZ) and analyze field geophysical data on modern geodynamics of such zones. Methods. Methods include physical modeling of structure formation process (deformation and fracturing) in horizontal shear zones and field geophysical studies (extenzometric and tiltmetric) of deformation processes in such zones. Results.