Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of George Edward Moore's Article "The Refutation of Idealism"

In the foreword to the first Ukrainian translation of George Edward Moore's article “The Refutation of Idealism”, translators inform about George Edward Moore's life and his academic career, explain the impact of this article on the emergence of the analytical style of philosophizing and the peculiarities of the translation.


This study narrates environmental quality of residential areas in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria with a view to evolving policy response for planning and development of livable environment and others with similar characteristics. This narration is in terms of the environmental characteristics of the residential areas, the level of importance that the residents attached to the environmental characteristics and the level of satisfaction that they derived from them.

Senses, Experience and Metaphysics. Overview of: Papineau, D. (2021). Metaphysics of Sensory Experience. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 163 pp.

         The work of David Papineau, the British scientist and philosopher, professor of the King’s College of London and the University of New York, former teacher of the University of Cambridge, is considered. The author analyzes the theories of sensory perception and experience, explains the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, in particular the theory of naive realism and representationalism.

Developing and preservation of memory in the architectural environment of the cities

The paper focuses on the ways of memory preservation in the architectural environment of the cities. The peculiarities of memory applications as a source of inspiration for modern Ukrainian architects in the environment of the Ukrainian cities are considered.

Hermeneutic and communication concepts of interpretation of legal texts in mass media and means of mass communication

The article regards the problem of interpretation of legal discourse of mass-media and text with the help of hermeneutic-communicative and legal-linguistic methods. It analyzes the stages of research of legal text in order to avoid diverse interpretations and hermeneutic “mistakes” in legal discourse of mass-media perception.