Registration of seismic signals by tidal devices

Possibility of use of tidal devices for record of seismic waves from earthquakes and other geodynamic events is studied. It is investigated the inertial and gravitational contribution of   seismic signal to pendular seismometers and tidal devices (seismotiltmeter and gravimeter). These are identical devices and differ stability of blocks and in filtration parameters. Tidal devices are more sensitive in over-long-period area where the gravitational contribution is more. It is given examples of record of seismic fluctuations by tidal devices at some earthquakes.

Seismic observations at the temporary stations in the area around the Zaporizhzhya NPP

Purpose – to organize a temporary network of seismic observation tool for continuous collection of information on seismic events in the area of the Zaporizhzhya NPP. Methods. In the bomb shelter in the territory dispensary Zaporizhzhya NPP, organized a temporary observation points to maintain a register of certified seismometer seismic events GURALP CMG-40TD. Choosing a place for the installation of temporary seismic observation point due to occurrence of bedrock in this place at least in the area ZAES depth (about 8 m).