local government

Ensuring the effectiveness of professionalization of local self-government officials

Introduction. The decentralization reform and the development of the local self- government system fundamentally changed the management tasks assigned to officials of local self-government bodies. These changes were most clearly manifested after the unification of territorial communities, which actualizes the problem of professionalization of officials, their ability to effectively exercise power and management powers in the conditions of a fast-moving environment.

Normative legal support for the development of territorial urban communities in Ukraine

Problem setting. Socio-economic development of territorial communities grounds on managerial activities of local government bodies. They are engaged in solving issues of distribution of budget funds, participation in the development and implementation of social and industrial projects, coordination of activities of economic structures, and settlement of a range of significant regional development problems.


Analysis of the urbanized territories of historic cities has been made and
their impact on development of monuments of architecture and archeology, in particular
defense structures of the Scythian era, has been evaluated. The monuments specific features
and status, the level of communities’ responsibility for their preservation and adaptation to
future use have been discussed. Concrete examples of resolving the said issues at the local level
are given. The main lines of further development of communities, located in the zone adjacent

Promotion of history and culture monuments by local governments using modern information and advertising tools

Today society is an indicator of maturity of attitude towards the monuments of history and culture. Preservation and promotion of them should be one of the important areas of public policy, because the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine is a part of world cultural heritage. Millions of historical and cultural monuments are on the state account in regions Ukraine. More than 12 mln. оf them are kept in the local museums. Historical and cultural influence on personality development, enrich its spiritual growth, causing emotional excitement, because they are unique evidence of the past.

Grounds and conditions of civil – legal liability for damage caused by the state bodies and their officials

Questions of liability for damage caused by unlawful actions (inaction) of local selfgovernment bodies or their officials in the exercise of authority, the institute of responsibility before an individual are analyzed and also there are determined grounds for liability for nonpecuniary damage. Causing damage by public authorities, local governments and their officials refers to the special delicts and is a separate kind of responsibility.

Features of municipalmanagement are in foreign countries

The multilevel systems of state administration are examined in the article, what characteristic for the modern democratic states. The mortgage of the normal functioning of these difficult systems is a correct decision of problem of relations between the levels of power in any state. Given out on the face of it, that this problem is related to the decision of questions about distribution of plenary powers, responsibility and activity of different imperious structures.

The legal status of local government in Ukraine

In the article violated the legal status of local government in Ukraine. Revealed features of the organization and functioning of local government considers the legal framework of local government, a system of principles, including the principles of drawing attention to the combination of local and state interests; State support and guarantees local self-government; accountability and responsibility.