Development of Exports of Knowledge-intensive Services as a Catalyst for Innovation

At the present stage, the knowledge-intensive services sector is one of the key drivers of the global knowledge-based economy. Knowledge-intensive services cover a wide range of market, finan- cial, high-tech, social and other services based on the knowledge and experience of highly qualified specialists. This type of services acts as a catalyst for innovation activities of organizations based on an organic combination of production processes, research and development activities and consumer needs.

Optimization of impact dynamic vibration absorbers in the frequency band

The paper deals with the methods of calculation and optimization of constructions of  the impact dynamic vibration absorbers (DVA ) for the elongated structures.  An efficient numerical approach based on the theoretical-experimental method is proposed to maximize the minimal damping of modes in a prescribed frequency range for the tuned-mass impact systems. Methods of decomposition and numerical synthesis are considered on the basis of an adaptive schemes. The influence of dynamic vibration absorbers and basic design elastic and damping properties is under discussion.

Impact of historical and legal phenomena on the processes of performance and serving punishment in Ukraine

The article examines the influence of historical and legal effects on the process of implementation and the enforcement of sentences in Ukraine. The system of social relations requires consideration of the human right to freedom. It is given to every citizen by the Constitution and enshrined in existing legislation. That is why the law should provide a fair and secure enjoyment of freedom and protection from criminal attacks.