Kirovograd ore district

Comparative analysis of graphic presentation of 3D models based on the magnetotelluric sounding data

A new three-dimensional data visualization program (TAR3D) was created by MATLAB environment. The features of the program have been shown on the example of two-dimentional magnetotelluric data modeling obtained in Kirovograd ore area. The comparison with the worldwide known world simular programs are carried out.

Features of the deep structure of Kirovograd ore district according to the seismic data

seismogeological model of the Kirovograd ore district, it reflects its modern deep structure. The new interpretation of the seismic data has identified a correlation surface structures in the region with a relief Moho and local inhomogeneities of the crust. As a result, the connection established areas with a high concentration of ore with deep sublatitudinal deflection in the relief of the Moho. Originality For the first time MCWE seismic data processed using statistical analysis, maps of Moho, K2 and seismogeological 3D model of the Kirovograd ore district. The practical significance.