Directions and trends of target-oriented mechanisms for the public administration transformation in terms of social change

The paper considers and analyzes quantitative and financial performance of state target programs for the period from 2008 to 2014. The common characteristic of the use of the national program target management to respond in the most significant areas of globalization influences.

The Effectiveness of the Public Services Co-production Process - Results of a Systematic Literature Review

Nowadays co-production is seen as a valuable route to public service reform and to the planning and delivery of effective public services, which is gaining increasing attention. Despite this our understanding of co-production is limited and we still have a lot to learn about how and why coproduction works (and does not). Therefore there is a need to improve knowledge and ability to use co-production successfully. One of the unclear issues are the conditions under which co-production will most likely be effective and how important is trust in this context.

Corporate ethics of the state governance

In this article, the phenomenon of corporate ethics is considered. The role of corporate ethics is shown as a basic custom and development of organization control. Corporate ethics is seen as an innovative factor of socio-political transformation. Attention is focused on the need to develop and implement the Code of Conduct in institutions of public administration.

The genesis of the understanding of law as a fundamental principle of activity of bodies of public administration

The article investigates the fundamental principle of government – law, which provides strict and mandatory compliance with laws and regulations by all entities – public authorities, public organizations, officials and citizens, and covers all aspects of life

Administrative framework principle of legality in public administration

The authors elucidate the meaning and essence of governance and ensuring the principle
of legality in its activities. After all, the principle of legality lets you operate the system of
public administration, carry out meaningful impact on social relations, to provide
management services and so on

Essence of legality in public administration warranties and its compliance

The article is devoted to clarifying the content and essence of legality in public administration, which is important in today's conditions, because the construction of legal, democratic state that is one of the priorities of the formation and strengthening of statehood in Ukraine, related primarily to the strengthening legality and state discipline.