Ways to increase the efficiency of sales activities of the enterprises of the food industry of Ukraine in the conditions of international economic activity

The food industry in Ukraine is a significant contributor to the country’s economy, with a range of products that cater to both domestic and international markets. However, the increasing competition in the global market and the changing consumer preferences have made it challenging for enterprises in the 

food industry to maintain and increase their sales efficiency. This article aims to address this challenge by exploring the ways in which enterprises in the food industry of Ukraine can enhance their sales activities in the context of international economic activity.

Information system for forecasting sales of building materials

The work purpose is information system design and development. The study object is sales forecasting system process for building materials assortment. The study subject is forecasting sales system development methods and means for building materials assortment. the process of the system of forecasting sales of the range of construction materials.

Researching peculiarities of forming company’s profit in the current economic conditions

The article investigates the modern period of economic activity of organizations under significantly increasing cost of resources conditions, losing of markets, currency devaluation, reducing profitability and losses levels of many companies.

The problems of ontologically legal tenets

This paper investigates the ontological and legal dogma, their content and praxeological philosophical and legal projects in regulatory action. The main idea is the influence of the spiritual dimension of the physical implementation of the tenets of human action. Separately researched every form of implementation - compliance, performance, use, application. Particular attention is given to the application of the tenets of the theoretical and philosophical significance. Also considered and acts of metaphysical meaning.