Nowaday Trends in Gold Pricing Under the COVID-19 Pandemic

This article analyzes the dynamics of gold yield for the period 2010 — 2020 in the world market in general and in Ukraine in particular. The problems of economic consequences of the pandemic impact (COVID-19) on certain aspects of the financial and monetary system of Ukraine and the leading countries of the world are studied in detail. The role of gold as a financial asset in retrospect and at the present stage of development of the world economy is studied.

Modification of Silicon Surface with Silver, Gold and Palladium Nanostructures via Galvanic Substitution in DMSO and DMF Solutions

The investigation results of silver, palladium and gold nanoscale particles deposition on the silicon surface in the DMSO and DMF media are presented. The influence of organic aprotic solvents on the geometry of metal particles and their distribution on the substrate is described. It is shown that solutions of stable metal complexes ([Ag (CN)2] – , [AuCl4] – ) are the main factor in the formation of discrete nanoparticles with a small range of sizes and uniform distribution along the substrate surface, as well as nanostructured films.

Influence of galvanic replacement conditions in DMSO solutions on the sizes of gold nanoparticles fixed on the surface of silicon

The controlled synthesis of parts of noble metals of a given morphology, shape, size and distribution on the floor emphasizes the important prerequisite for the creation of complex structures, for example nanowire, are one of the most promising materials for the creation of modern devices.

Application of geoelectric and remote sensing methods for ore mineral resources prospecting

The results of experimental approbation of geoelectric methods of forming short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF) vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS) and the technology of satellite data processing and interpretation for the "direct" prospecting the ore minerals and water-bearing reservoirs are analyzed.

Frequency-resonance technology for the remote sensing data processing: the results of approbation on the ore deposits in Australia and south America

Purpose. Analyzing the results of experimental testing and practical application of mobile direct prospecting technology of the remote sensing (RS) data frequency-resonance processing and interpretation (decoding) for "direct" searches of the various types minerals on the ore deposits and prospective areas. Exploratory studies were conducted with its application within ore bearing areas in Australia and Southern America. Design/methodology/approach.