Відділення фізико-хімії горючих копалин інфов ім. Л. М. Литвиненка НАН України *Львівський національний університет імені Івана Франка

A feed additive for dogs and cats containing a complex of such essential vitamins and minerals as manganese, iron, zinc, and copper is elaborated. Methods of granulation of a group of vitamins and minerals modified with metal salts was applied, making it possible to combine vitamins and minerals in one pill preserving their stability. Natural dispersed minerals zeolite and bentonite were used to provide regulated output of trace elements.

Deep structure of the Kirovograd ore area according to geoelectric researches

The nature of anomalies of the high electrical conductivity on depths to 2,5 km is defined by regional metasomatic transformations of the soils conducting to formation of ore salinity (uranium, gold, diamonds). For the first time for the Kirovograd ore area the 2,5Dmodel of distribution of values of electroresistance to depth of 100 km by results of one-dimensional inversion of  MTS data is constructed. The three-dimensional geoelectrical model of Earth’s crust and the upper mantle of the Kirovograd ore area is constructed and specified.

The methodology of ecological and landscape monitoring of disturbed land (on the example of Rozdil quarry)

The conditions of the emergence and development of monitoring as an integrated scientific information system monitoring the various natural and man-made objects and phenomena. The method of ecological and landscape monitoring of disturbed lands in the open fields of industrial development brimstone is described.