magnetic model

3D magnetic model of the Korsun–Novomirgorod pluton and its geological interpretation

The 3D model of the upper and middle crust of Korsun–Novomirgorod pluton using magnetic anomaly maps with scale 1:200 000, gravity modelling and DSS data have been created. The main feature of the pluton’s magnetic inhomogeneity is the presence of reverse magnetization, which is typical for gabbro-anorthosite complex. The asymmetry in the pluton’s magnetic structure distribution and in the deep structure of the crust relative to trans-regional Kherson Smolensk pushing zone has been detected.

Kursk magnetic anomaly: analysis and interpretation of the anomalous magnetic field based on the ground and satellite survey data

All the available cartographic materials on the geomagnetic field of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly are summarized. Analysis of the anomalous magnetic field (ΔТ)а at the surface and at height of 5 km was carried out. Some anomalies have intensity from -6000 nT to 15,000 nT on the surface and from -1500 ÷ 7500 nT at 5 km.

Magnetic models of the Earth's crust along the profiles of dss 25, dss 28 and dss 29 (in connection with the investigation of the transition zone from the East European platform to the Black sea megadepression)

It is shown, that the highly magnetic crust is confined to the riftogenic deflections and fordeeps within the transition zone from the East - European Platform to the Black Sea megadepression, and the weakly magnetic and non-magnetic crust - to the Mesozoic and Paleozoic sutures.