East-European platform

Space regularities of the East-European platform’s crustal basement and their geodynamic aspects

The composition of the "Structural-formation map of the East-European platform's crustal basement" in the scale 1:25(10000 (chief red. L.Galetsky. V.Terentiev) allowed to discover some new regularities in the space position of the Precambrian geological complexes and in the basement structure as a whole. The granulitic complexes, which occupy the lowest stratigraphic position, were previously spread in the most part of the platform's territory and formed granulitic socle of the basement.

On hydrogeological response of the ground waters in Ukrainian and Moscow massifs to catastrophic earthquakes

The results of the hydro-geological and seismic data co-processing have been represented for the sites of DHE "Dneprogeofizika", the Institute of Geophysics NAS of Ukraine and the Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS, which allow to follow the relationship of hydrogeological response to the type of earthquake's seismic waves and presence of post-seismic effects in the groundwater level variations.