The current state of public youth policy imlementation in European countries

This article considers the experience of the European Union in development and implementation of youth policy. The article provides an analysis of the key moments of basic normative legal acts regulating youth policy in Ukraine in the process of European integration. Particular attention is paid to the current state of the main directions, mechanisms and targets of the European Union youth policy.

Legislation: philosophical and sociological characteristics

Abstract. The article analyzes the concept of lawmaking as a complex set of various elements (implementation of state will and legal norms; state sanctioning of human behavior; direct formation of new norms by competent law-making bodies). It is noted that modern understanding of lawmaking is based on the ideas of identity can be divided into three areas: natural law, positive law, legal and sociological.

Constitutional control of the US supreme court: types of jurisdiction

The article analyzes the problem of constitutional control of the US Supreme Court in the context of its historical development. The US Supreme Court, in the exercise of its judicial function, establishes the constitutionality of statutory acts and actions of public authorities and their officials. It has been determined that two diametrically opposed concepts have historically emerged about the advisability of the Supreme Court of the United States to address issues of political importance -“judicial restraint” and “judicial activism”.

Hermeneutical method of interpretation the law: historical and legal divergence

In the scientific article the questions of divergence of historical and legal hermeneutics.
Clarified, that the interpretation is a typical activities of a lawyer, particularly in the Romano-
Germanic system of law. Any professional lawyer who works in legislative or executive bodies,
often engaged in the interpretation of the law and facts that underlie their use. It is established
that the recognition of the professionalism of a lawyer depends on hermeneutical
interpretation, the ability to choose and implement from the plurality of meanings of the rule

Theoretical concepts of modern reform process in Ukraine

Theoretical statements as to improvement of the political system of Ukraine are considered. In addition, the question of the state order, the law making of pan-Ukrainian Referendum, the optimization of authorities of the President of Ukraine, the structure and legal principles of activity of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the conceptual approaches related to the creation of the Codification Commission of Ukraine are analyzed.