Theoretical and Applied Principles of Anticipative Control at Enterprises

The current stage of functioning of business structures is characterized by a high level of uncertainty and turbulence. In such circumstances, the earliest identification of threats or opportunities in the operating environment of enterprises is provided by anticipative management, which is designed to identify and evaluate the first weak signals of their occurrence.


The object of analysis is strategic management of Youth Non-governmental Organization (YNGO) activities (in particular, Student NGO). At this publication we have purpose to show the results of a study of strategic opportunities and options for formation of effective strategic moves in the development of SNGOs. It is important to display different real strategic alternatives at the example of several SNGOs which represent the Western region of Ukraine.

Freedom of expression as a subjective legal right (general theoretical analysis)

General theoretical provisions on the freedom of expression as a subjective legal right are analyzed. Besides, the notion of freedom of expression is defined as a subjective legal right. Elements of freedom of expression are revealed. Certain proposals as to the improvement of national legislation on freedom of expression are introduced.

Protection of freedom of religion by the European court of human rights (general theoretical aspects)

In the paper is analyzed general theoretical provisions on the freedom of religion as a human (general social) natural law, examined the features of the protection of freedom of religion by the European Court of Human Rights and its importance for legal practice in Ukraine.