One of the ma­in in­di­ca­tors of the ra­ting of Uk­ra­ini­an uni­ver­si­ti­es is the qua­lity of pre­pa­ra­ti­on of fu­tu­re grad­ua­tes. The qua­lity of the grad­ua­te's tra­ining may be ref­lec­ted with a pos­si­bi­lity of his employ­ment. It is im­pos­sib­le to track ca­re­er growth of grad­ua­tes wit­ho­ut cre­ati­on of centra­li­zed in­for­ma­ti­onal sto­ra­ge to co­ver this pro­cess as well as pos­si­bi­lity for grad­ua­te to in­put in­for­ma­ti­on abo­ut his employ­ment.

Physical Modeling of Power Unit in Power Plant with Auxiliary Transformer

The article shows the option of the first degree transformation scheme in auxiliary power supply systems of the power unit (PU). The power supply to the auxiliary receivers is carried out from the generator through the working and additional working auxiliary transformers (AAT). The method of switching on the latter one provides its operation in the source mode set by the PU current load. Experiments were carried out on a static physical model of the scheme fragment of the auxiliary power supply system with an AAT.

Scheme model of a relational database presents a modified algebra algorithms

There DATABASE of the modified algorithms algebra for constructing mathematical models of patterns of relational databases is grounded. Mathematical models of abstract database schemes with one or many relations and abstract schema data warehouse are constructed.