fast Fourier transform

Application of cross-spectral analysis and fast Fourier transform to detect soil vibrations in the natural and technical geosystem of the Dniester PSPP

The main purpose of the study is to identify the relationship between changes in water level and soil deformation, where the cyclic change in loads on the reservoir bed is the stress deviator, i.e., the PSPP reservoir acts as an oscillator of transverse vibrations, and the soil extensometer performs the function of reading and recording these vibrations. Methodology. Solution of the problem requires recording the time series of water level fluctuations and extensometer sensor fluctuations on all depth horizons.

Predictive maintenance – a major field for the application of computer aided systems

Predictive maintenance is a widely applied maintenance program that requires extensive support of computer aided systems. The program uses specific procedures that are to be addressed when developing predictive maintenance software solutions. Despite the fact that software solutions for predictive maintenance were introduced almost at the same time as the program emerged, it still remains a very actual field for the application of computer aided systems.

Розвиток алгоритму Вінограда перетворення Фур’є на базі твірного масиву

The general technique of efficient computation DFT using of cyclic convolutions for sizes of integer power of two is considered. Further development of Winograd Fourier transform algorithm (WFTA) is analyzed. The hashing array for the compacting definition of the block-cyclic structure the basis matrix of DFT is proposed. The general block-cyclic structure of discrete basis matrix for the computation of DFT of sizes N=2n is determined.

Порівняння ефективності реалізацій ШПФ у програмних бібліотеках

This article provides an overview of implementations of algorithms FFT (Fast Fourier transform) in software libraries, which are widely used in software development. Analyzed the most widely used software libraries (FFTW, Intel IPP, CUDA CuFFT), which implemented FFT, including selected such that would make the most efficient use of computing resources of a modern computer are analyzed.

The solution of a gravity and magnet direct for complex medium by means of fast convolution

Submitted by fast way to solve the direct problem of 2D/3D gravimetric and magnetic prospecting for complex geological models. Approximating design of models is very dense packing of large numbers of small homogeneous parallelepipeds (108 and over). The method of approximation corresponds to the formulation of linear problems. The developed algorithm can be used to quickly calculate the potential and its derivatives.

Marking speech signal based on factor holder smoothness and fast fourier transform

A new improved method of speech signals marking is presented. The method is based on employing of Hölder condition to speech signal spectrum. The key features of this method are its high accuracy during watermark decoding and independence from original data like speech signal and watermark