Emotional intelligence in the staff management system: structure and problems of assessment

The growth of the acceptability of emotional intelligence as a major factor in the assessment of personality and effective human resource management is substantiated. Emotional intelligence as the ability to develop potential, empathize, cooperate, motivate and develop others cannot be separated from the system of effective activity and human resource management. The human personality is crucial in determining organizational leadership and success in terms of challenges and opportunities, as well as the passage of both international and bilateral relations.

Normative-legal and organizational support of staffing of the State criminal enforcement service of Ukraine

The article is devoted to the research of normative-legal and organizational support of staffing of the State Criminal Enforcement Service of Ukraine. The normative legal support of the process of staffing of the institutions and bodies of the State Criminal Enforcement Service of Ukraine is analyzed.

HR management of industrial enterprises with foreign investment

In the article the features of staffing industrial  enterprises with foreign investments are considered, division of domestic enterprises with foreign capital into groups depending on the purpose of investment are made, ,  the characteristics of business cultures of Ukraine and Germany are considered, the mechanism of staffing providing of the industrial  enterprises with foreign investments is developed.