Emotional intelligence in the staff management system: structure and problems of assessment

: pp. 52 - 60
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

The growth of the acceptability of emotional intelligence as a major factor in the assessment of personality and effective human resource management is substantiated. Emotional intelligence as the ability to develop potential, empathize, cooperate, motivate and develop others cannot be separated from the system of effective activity and human resource management. The human personality is crucial in determining organizational leadership and success in terms of challenges and opportunities, as well as the passage of both international and bilateral relations.

The main areas of emotional intelligence are: identifying emotions, using emotions, understanding emotions and managing emotions.The key components of emotional intelligence in the workplace are: self- awareness – the ability to understand one’s emotions, when making decisions, being aware of weaknesses and strengths, determining one’s goals and life values; self-regulation – the ability to manage emotions without succumbing to impulses; motivation – the ability to achieve one’s personal goals for increasing productivity – for the fact of achievement; empathy – the ability to understand the emotions of others, empathize with them and, despite this, make objective decisions; social skills – the ability to build strong relationships with your team. Nowadays there are no clear metrics for evaluating EQ yet, but there is a set of personality characteristics that helps determine the approximate level of the emotional indicator.

The growing complexity of the business world requires great self-confidence, honesty, communication, conflict management and diversity to keep a global enterprise on the path to productivity and sustainability. It is emphasized that when managing a company, the relationship between employees and managers should have a mutual understanding of each other’s emotions, what they feel or think, what views on various topics they have, what strengths or weaknesses they possess, how they react, approach to work that motivates them and so on. It is emphasized that the understanding of the truth of emotional intelligence is still being studied in various fields, because its perception is individual.

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