Method and program model of microelectromechanical systems components synthesis based on genetic algorithm and ontology models

In this paper the general process and the concurrent synthesis realization model of microelectromechanical systems, which is based on developed genetic algorithm, are described. As the synthesis task in the sphere of complex microsystems is very comprehensive and timeconsuming, the actuality of performance and speed issues to generate the novel system and its components constructions is still up-to-date unsolved item. The developed model facilitates and accelerates the synthesis of the new and unique microelectromechanical systems structures.

Організація багатопотоковості на мобільній платформі Аndroid

In the article the main problems of the multi-threading organization in Android are processed and described. The basic options for cooperation of background threads and the main UI-thread of the program are considered and the advantages and disadvantages of each model interaction are highlighted.