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An Application of the Altivar 320 Frequency Inverter as a Process Automation Tool

The article is shown the possibility and efficiency of the using of the ATV320 frequency inverter as an automation tool in case using of integrated logic controller ATV Logic. The example of practical realization of the control system of crusher electric drive is given.

Substantiation of structure and parameters of pneumatic system of mobile robot with orthogonal walking drive

Problem statement. Mobile robots have awoken a large interest between scientists and designers in the last few years. One of the prospective drives of such robots is based on pneumatically operated system with no use of electric, heat, magnetic or other types of energy. Purpose. The main purpose of this research consists in substantiation of structure and parameters of pneumatic system of mobile robot with orthogonal walking drive.

Method of Selecting the Speed of Jack Pump Driving Motor Based on Reservoir Flow Rate

The sucker-rod oil pumping unit productivity is influenced by lots of factors, including the operation mode of the jack pump electric drive system. Settings of the electric drive system affect the system’s energy indicators, overhaul period and oil production volume. Therefore, an effective operation of oil production units is an important factor influencing the cost of the produced oil. The paper proposes a method of selecting the speed of the driving motor of the jack pump electric drive that allows balancing the sucker-rod oil pumping unit productivity and the reservoir flow rate.

Measurement method of electrical parameters of large dimension antenna systems

The method of measurement and evaluation of electrical parameters a larg antenna systems for ultra-high frequency bands is developed, that were not provided for the use of such antennas by their design. For ensure the necessary radio parameters in professional antenna systems (AS) use parabolic antenna reflectors with large diameters of 5 to 12 meters or more. The creation of such antennas require large expenditures for their production and metrological support by parameters setting.


Forming of network organizationally-productive structure which embraces the row of
subdivisions of interrelated enterprises and general process of production from supply of
components to the final products is considered in the article. For the territorial forming of
organizationally-productive structures a characteristic transition is to network organization of
business processes, which brightly shows up in activity multinational corporations. Expansion
of organizational and atomistic organizations accompanied by minimization of mutual

Determination of instantaneous values of power components in an electronic voltage and current transformer

The method of determining instantaneous power components is based on the application of the p-q-r theory. The implementation of this method allows analyzing the components of instantaneous power and using the data for the purposes of various secondary systems.

Dynamic modelling and control system of a single non-slender flexible robot’s link rotating in a horizontal plane

Most authors have ignored the effect of rotatory inertia and shear deformation. This practice is justified for slender flexible arms. According to the Timoshenko beam theory, the deflection due to shear force and rotatory inertia should be taken into account in modelling for high speed and high precision requirement when the ratio of the cross-sectional dimensions to length increases.