antenna array

Antenna Array Field of Rhombic Radiators Based on Slot Transmission Line

This paper describes the planar antenna which represents antenna array of rhombic slot radiators on the dielectric substrate, which are feed by field of traveling waves in the slot transmission line. The developed approach to determining the slowing factor allows to calculate the required length of the slot transmission line to provide common-mode excitation of the radiating elements of the antenna array. A physical model of the antenna array was created and experimentally investigated its electrodynamic characteristics — the radiation pattern and the directive gain in the frequency range.

Multi-modular optimization of information technologies

This paper involves a new conceptual methodology for improving the quality indices of vector information technologies (e.g. vector data coding) with respect to performance reliability, transmission speed, and functionality, using novel designs based on vector combinatorial configurations such as cyclic groups in extensions of Galois fields, difference sets and novel vector combinatorial constructions.

Моделі оптимальних інформаційних систем на двовимірних комбінаторних конфігураціях

This paper belongs to the field of systems engineering and is aimed at improving the qualitative indices of vector data information technologies (e.g. 2D vector data coding design) with respect to reliability, precision and other significant operating characteristics of the systems based on the combinatorial configurations theory, namely the Ideal Ring Bundles (IRB)s.