Determination of internal motivation for stimulating innovation activity of enterprises employees

The meaning of motivation for the development of innovation activity of enterprise is outlined. The essence of the category of internal motivation, as one of the elements of motivational model at the enterprises is researched. In order to improve the administrative processes of the enterprise in the field of innovation activity, the approaches to determine the level of internal motivation of employees of the enterprise are recommended.

Environmental audit in the context of rational agricultural use of drained land stimulation

National and international approaches to the definition of environmental audit are 
analyzed. Established, that some domestic scholars in their studies are based on the definition 
provided by the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Audit”. It is proved that an 
environmental audit is closely linked to sustainable agricultural environmental management 
supporting and plays an important point in its information basis. Own approach to the 
interpretation of environmental audit in the context of the rational agricultural use of drained