Foreign experience in land management to ensure the development of a territorial community

Problem setting. The peculiarities of the foreign experience are considered regarding the land resourses management of the territorial community. The role of the country in ensuring the rational use of land resources of the territorial community is shown. The main guarantees of effective management and rational use of land resources are pointed out.


In the early 1970s, Iran showed a strong desire to create a healthy environment. However, no one expected Iran to sacrifice economic growth for the environment. Therefore, the constitution included some principles that combined pollution control and environmental protection programs with current development programs to ensure that environmental activities are considered part of national development.

Forecasting the mobility parameters of the inhabitants of suburban areas

Potential mobility that meets the requirements of population displacement is determined following the biological and social needs, socio-economic characteristics, production necessity, and cultural needs. Because of the multifactor character and complexity of relationships, it is impossible to determine the potential mobility by a calculation method. The feasibility of different target movements, depending on their distance, is regarded by rural populations differently.


Not only the ecological aspects of the construction projects, but also the energy savings and efficient construction solutions are currently a very discussed topic. In spite of still persisting prejudices against timber-based structures within our region Slovak Republic, wood-based construction systems are gradually beginning to assert themselves in the construction market. Because modern-minded investors and users are beginning to realize especially the ecological dimension of wood-based buildings. Of course, wood-based structures also have many other advantages and disadvantages.

Sustainability of the enterprise: dialectics statics and dynamics

The paper considers one of the relatively new areas of financial analysis – the study of
financial stability and sustainability of growth of the company to assess and modeling positive
dynamics of development. It was established that the steady growth of the company – long-
term growth, which is characterized by the same ratio between the main indicators, and steady
growth rate – the rate of activities expansion while preserving the existing operational and
financial strategies.