The Ability of Language To Reflect Reality: Reference Theory and Dictionary Theory. (Research Article)

The article deals with the fundamental problem of hermeneutics and the whole study of language as a means of communication - the ability of language to reflect reality.The study begins with an overview of the problem and the authors who dealt with it. This is followed by a detailed review of referential theory as the main and oldest theory in the study of language functions.

Automatization of functions determination and productivity of terms in terminology systems

The essence of the problem is the complexity of the analysis of large-scale terminology systems containing hundreds or thousands of terms. To solve this problem it is suggested to use the method of network analysis proposed by E. F. Skorohodko. The method involves the representation of the terminology system in the form of a matrix and the separation of the initial, derivative and final terms, as well as the definition of their productivity.

Problems of rehabilitation terminology translation

The article is dedicated to the analyzing of problems, occurred during the translation of rehabilitation terms from French into Ukrainian. The field abbreviations became the most difficult in the translation process – we were searching for decoding in the French explanatory dictionaries for physical rehabilitation / therapy, in scientific articles, textbooks and on Internet resources, sometimes a verbal translation was offered, since there were practically no translation options for an appropriate abbreviation in the Ukrainian language.

Підсистема перевірки орфографії електронного каталогу бібліотеки на основі технології HUNSPELL

The main purpose of this research is to develop approaches to the design of subsystems spell checker Dictionary-based technologies Hunspell. A number of requirements which subsystem to spell checker. Substantiates the choice of Hunspell. The structure of dictionaries words and affixes. Suggested and described the structural and object-oriented scheme subsystems check spelling. The analysis of the effectiveness of the proposed approaches based on model tests.

Технологія перетворення п’ятимовного словника порівнянь у електронну форму

In this article the structure of Ukrainian-Russian-Belarusian-Polish dictionary of comparisons was analyzed and the technology of its transformation from paper into electronic form was proposed.
 Key words: lexicography, dictionary