Development of Exports of Knowledge-intensive Services as a Catalyst for Innovation

At the present stage, the knowledge-intensive services sector is one of the key drivers of the global knowledge-based economy. Knowledge-intensive services cover a wide range of market, finan- cial, high-tech, social and other services based on the knowledge and experience of highly qualified specialists. This type of services acts as a catalyst for innovation activities of organizations based on an organic combination of production processes, research and development activities and consumer needs.

The Essence and Basic Models of Strategic Enterprise Management

The scientific approaches of Ukrainian and foreign scientists to the interpretation of the concept of strategic enterprise management and compares their characteristics are systematized in this article; different stages of evolution of strategic management systems in the context of functioning of scientific schools are analyzed, their basic principles are presented and their key representatives are singled out; the comparative analysis of approaches of different scientific schools is carried out, advantages and disadvantages of their views on strategic management and strategy formation are

Strategic management accounting information asa basis of strategic management enterprise

In this scientific paper, by analyzing the research of domestic and foreign authors, defined the
essence of strategic management accounting as an information basis for decision-making top-level
management, which is to provide managers with all the information necessary for the management
and control of business development for the benefit of its owners and other interested partner groups
(creditors, customers, suppliers, staff, government and society). Also, the study presents the role of