discrete model

Finding effective thermal characteristics of composite materials based on the analysis of thermal conductivities

This paper presents a method and algorithm for finding effective thermal characteristics of composite materials, with complex internal structure by the method of thermal-electrical analogies based on the discrete model that built for the task of analysis of the temperature field by finite element method.

Функційні можливості системи розпізнавання та ідентифікації користувачів комп’ютера на основі дискретних моделей

In the article the description the system of computer users recognition is offered by means discrete model, that relations the sentinel delays at entered information from a keyboard in the to discrete moment of time. It allowed to increase efficiency of recognition almost in 1,5 time and automates procedure of authentication of users. The main directions of development and application of the systems of recognition and identification created on the basis of discrete models are marked.

Аналіз методів та підходів до побудови систем розпізнаваннята ідентифікації користувачів комп’ютера на основі інформаційних моделей

In this paper we present the comparative methods and algorithms analysis of computer users recognition systems construction with the help of informative keyboard handwriting models. Such analysis allows defining features of each considered approach its advantages and disadvantages as well as the directions of the expedient use.