Optimization of the Electromechanical System by Formation of a Feedback Matrix Based On State Variables

The task of providing the required dynamic performance of technical systems is one of the main tasks of the automatic control theory. The synthesis of such systems is carried out based on certain criteria that characterize control quality. Today the most common criterion of the functioning of a dynamic system is an integral quadratic form, which includes not only the coordinates of the object, and also the control influences.

Simulation of transients for designing multiple power filter circuits

The practice of operating multiple single-tuned filters in industrial power supply systems has shown that technological transformer capacitors in switching filters within the systems can cause the damage of filters. The most disturbing loads on the power supply systems are powerful AC arc furnaces. Static Var compensators used in the power supply systems contain multiple harmonic filters for harmonic mitigation and reactive power compensation.

To the question of calculation of transients in nonlinear electric circuits by a differential harmonic method

Possibility of application of differential harmonic method for the numerical calculation of transients in nonlinear electric circuits with periodic electromotive forces is studied on the example of the nonlinear R-L-C circuit.

Features of dynamics controlled electromagnetic vibratory drive units for sealing concrete

The influence of the reaction of concrete mixture during its vibratory compaction on the dynamics of vibration unit with an electromagnetic drive, which is operated in the near-resonant mode, is researched. The dynamic model, which allows calculating the transients in multi-mass vibration devices with a controlled electromagnetic drive and which allows to choose the structure and the parameters of automatic control system regulators, is developed.