automatic control system

Grounds for Searching the Best Solution for Controlling the Pressurized Water Reactor in Dynamic Modes when Changing the Controlled Parameters

The article focused on the development of information technology for the optimization of control over complex dynamic systems at the stage of their design that should realize possibilities of modeling of linear and nonlinear dynamic systems, the analysis and synthesis of such systems, their optimization on various quality criteria. The purpose of this article is to develop the structure and elements of information technology to optimize the control of complex dynamic systems, including automated control systems.

Features of dynamics controlled electromagnetic vibratory drive units for sealing concrete

The influence of the reaction of concrete mixture during its vibratory compaction on the dynamics of vibration unit with an electromagnetic drive, which is operated in the near-resonant mode, is researched. The dynamic model, which allows calculating the transients in multi-mass vibration devices with a controlled electromagnetic drive and which allows to choose the structure and the parameters of automatic control system regulators, is developed.