genetic algorithm

Use adaptive ontology during modeling the Boyd loop

This paper deals with the model of Boyd loop developed on the basis of Moore automaton. The states of the machine are represented by phases of Boyd loop, by ontology editing process and by search of relevant information in the ontology. Possible transitions between states of the machine parameters have been determined and thus transmitted. The fabricated machine serves as the basis for building tactical units DAFU by DSS commanders

Optimization with the use of the genetic algorithm method and parallel computing

The work presents the description of a method for performing optimized calculations with the use of the genetic algorithm method performed on computers paralleled in a cluster. It defines the scope of electromagnetic calculations which must be performed in order to determine the objective function. It also provides sample factors describing the quality of paralleling the calculation process.

The simulation modeling of external and inner logistic of medical institution

The logistics aspects of medical institution have been considered. Approach’s classification of simulation model’s creation of inner and external logistics has been formed. The medical institution’s simulation model of inner and external logistics structuring has been realized. The parameters’ of simulation model’s forming have been determined. The two fundamentally different approaches to simulation model’s forming according to specific character of posed tasks have been suggested. The scheme of receiving, transformation and data’s output for simulation model’s creation was developed.

Моделі та алгоритми оптимізації в задачах екологічного моніторингу

The article considers the problem of providing users with information about the optimal set of environmental protective kits, which guarantees safety stay in specific area. It describes the problem statement of selection an optimal set of remedies. It considers a method of obtaining recommendations to ensure environmental safety of the population, based on the data about available remedies and active hazard.