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Використання MVC для створення соціальної мережі ветеринарних клінік

Досліджується популярна у Веб-програмуванні концепція MVC (Model View Controller) в аспекті застосування її для побудови соціальної мережі ветеринарних клінік. Соціальна мережа ветеринарних клінік характеризується великим масивом та постійним поповненням інформації про нових клієнтів та їхніх домашніх улюбленців, а також різноманітними медичними даними від ветеринарів, такими як: результати аналізів тварини та її історія хвороби.

The main tools of internet marketing in public administration in the conditions of global digitalization

Formulation of the problem. The year 2020 convinced the whole world that the Internet is one of the best channels for transmitting information, selling goods and providing services, because thanks to its use, a certain part of businesses avoided bankruptcy, and some companies were able to increase sales and, most importantly, meet the needs of almost all spheres of life in society in crisis conditions.


The development of the information society has an impact not only on the quality of life of people, but also on the formation of new communication links. The rapid penetration of information technology into different areas of our lives has contributed to the global spread of the Internet, in which social networks are actively used for communication. For advertisers, social networks provide unique opportunities for rapid dissemination of information and direct contact with consumers.


The TikTok as a social network is gaining popularity very quickly. Two years ago, it was not taken seriously, it was considered as a platform for teenagers, where there is nothing but dancing and flash mobs. But now the situation has changed vice versa. TikTok is rapidly increasing its audience and content is also changing. Nowadays, not only musicians but also doctors, deputies, lawyers, advertisers, motorists, and representatives of other professions are actively maintaining and developing their accounts there. Accordingly, the attitude to this social network has also changed.

Digital marketing and social networks

The rapid development of digital communication technologies, the spread of Internet access to the population, the growing number of smartphones, increasing the number of social network users and other factors are the reason for the sharp growth of online operations and services in recent years. In 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic was added to this list of factors, creating an additional impetus for the growth of online business. This situation causes significant changes in the implementation of marketing activities by enterprises.

Popularization of Commercial Internet Resources With Use of Social Media

A methodological basis for building a decision support system for the promotion of commercial online resources using social media technologies was developed by the authors in the article. An analysis of the features of search engine promotion using social networking technologies and services has been carried out, which revealed that, currently, the implementation of the latter requires the use of new approaches to promotion. An analysis of SMOs and SMMs promoted models was carried out, which allowed us to identify the main factors that are used to promote commercial online resources.

Peculiarities of Involvement of Social Networks in the Activities of State Authorities (On the Case of U.S.A. and Ukraine) [Research Article]

It has been analyzed the use of social networks by public authorities in the US and Ukraine in their practical activity and compared the presence of governmental structures of the US and Ukraine on social networks and the number of their followers. It is alleged that social networks have become an innovative digital policy tool and have changed the perception of political processes.

Twitter-diplomacy: Ukrainian context (Research Article)

In the article the involvement of Ukrainian politicians and diplomats to Twitter social network and it is compared the advantages and disadvantages of using this social network within the framework of their professional activity is analyzed.  As the usage of social networks in electronic diplomacy in Ukraine is being developed, it is asserted the nessesity of complex investigation of foreign experience which can be useful for Ukrainian diplomats and will help them to use Twitter successfully, as a tool for diplomatic activity.