temperature field

Induction shrink fits for connecting disks and shafts

A complete model of the induction shrink fit between a disk and shaft is presented. The model consists of a proposal of appropriate interference, checking the von Mises stress in the disk and shaft, mapping of the process of induction heating and determining the release revolutions. The methodology is illustrated by a typical example.

Consideration of the nonlinear behavior of environmental material and a three-dimensional internal heat sources in mathematical modeling of heat conduction

A numerical-analytical method of determining the heat field in a finite solid with taking into account the dependence of the coefficients of heat conductivity and of heat release on the temperature and the intensity of internal heat sources is suggested. The effectiveness of the combination of indirect methods of boundary and near-boundary elements with Kirchhoff transformation for partial linearization of nonlinear 3D problems of heat conduction, by which the process is modelled, is substantiated.