1. Signal and electronic circuit's theory.
  2. Simulation in radio electronics, communications and computer sciences.
  3. Simulation of electro-technical and electro-energetic systems.
  4.  Models, algorithms, software and hardware construction means of information and communication and radio electronic devices and systems.
  5. Electronics and photonics: systems and devices, micro- and nanotechnologies.
  6. Innovative optical technologies and nanoengineering: nanocomposites, its synthesis and properties.
  7. Telecommunications: wired and wireless systems, network services, management.
  8. Information systems and technologies.
  9. Quality, reliability and diagnostics of electronic and information systems and devices.
  10. ICT systems and networks.
  11. Internet of Things.
  12. Cybersecurity.
  13. Information processing.
  14. Biomedical engineering.
  15. Antennas, microwave technology and electromagnetic compatibility.
  16. Radar systems.
  17. Satellite communication, navigation, positioning systems and monitoring.
  18. Computer-aided design.