The article analyzes the uniform and military distinctions in the armed forces, which discipline the personnel, substantially increase its moral and combat spirit, increase national consciousness, provide the continuity of generations, provide basis for the civil dignity of the warrior. The author reminds that the army of the Western Ukrainian People's Republic (ZUNR) is not an exception, as it was formed under the difficult conditions, already during the active armed hostilities in November 1918.

Protecting the freedom, independence and sovereignty in the political and legal concepts of Hegel

The problem of protecting freedom, independence and sovereignty in the philosophical, political and legal concepts of the great German philosopher GVF Hegel. German philosopher made a profound analysis of the role and place of the state in the development and functioning of society. He is one of the first drew attention to the need to protect the state of freedom, independence and sovereignty of aggression. In this respect, revealed the role and place of the people and the army to protect their country.

Military service shevchenko: 201 th anniversary of the birth

In the article the period of military service TG Shevchenko and his relationship to the
existing “order” in the Royal Army that time. For his revolutionary activities and open
criticism of the existing feudal system, led by Emperor Nicholas I, the poet was sent to serve in
the ranks of the royal army

Violence as a political and legal program in theoretical concepts of marxism and its social consequences

The problem of violence in the theoretical concepts of Karl Marx and Friadrich Engels, as political and legal program dictatorship of the proletariat, role of the army and police in bourgeois and socialist society, implementation of Marxist ideals dictatorship of the proletariat in the USSR and its social consequences.