European Union

The right integration is a promising direction of development of legal science

This article analyzes the formation and development of law as the integration of science, discipline and integrated knowledge areas, its main features and characteristics, the study of the right of the European Union, as part of the integration of the right to association of Ukraine with the EU. We analyze the value and prospects of development of the science of law
integration and communication with the improvement of the educational process and professional development of lawyers

Impact of information law reform process in public relations in Ukraine

The article examines the impact of information law in the process of reform of social relations in Ukraine in connection with the association Ukraine and the European Union. We analyze the legal framework regulating the right of information and communication technologies in the context of adaptation of national legislation with EU requirements. The comparative analysis of the impact of the legal basis of information law in the process of reforming society.

Integration into European and world structures countries of east central Europe: prospects for Ukraine

The “velvet revolution” in Central and Eastern Europe and geopolitical changes on the European continent in the late ХХ century contributed to the formation of a new system of foreign policy priorities of the States in the region. The main task was to integrate into the European Union.

Marketing activities on the energy market in the european union

The article presents basic information concerning activities of the energy sector in the European Union, characteristics of the energy markets, characteristics of the energy enterprises elements environment. The author presents basic instruments and marketing activities of energy enterprises as well as issues concerning developing marketing strategy of the enterprise functioning on the energy market.

Development cooperation customs of Ukraine with the customs authorities of European union member

The article deals with the process of European customs cooperation that was important not only because of the needs of science of international customs law, but also in the context of customs law Ukraine. Thus, it is necessary to complete and comprehensive study of the problems of our country in compliance with national practice customs regulations generally recognized in international relations customs regulations and standards, implementation of international treaties of Ukraine on customs affairs.

Ukraine – Republic of Poland: cooperation and customs relations

The article raises questions of international cooperation between the two neighboring states, ensuring the process of keeping customs policy. Particular attention is paid to customs relations and legislation that is important levers driving customs.18 Joining the European Union is a priority of Ukraine’s foreign policy experience as our strategic partner in Poland gained in the process of negotiating to join the European Union, is extremely valuable to our country in the context of European integration for Ukraine’s efforts. Customs is one of the main tools protectionist policy.