фазовий перехід

Деформаційний супровід процесів ущільнення, розущільнення та фазових переходів у внутрішніх структурах Землі

На основі нелінійної теорії деформівних твердих тіл досліджуються процеси ущільнення, розущільнення, фазових переходів і руйнувань в умовах внутрішніх структур Землі. Показується, що втрати стійкості стану рівноваги по геометричній формозміні (структурна нестійкість) може передувати процесам розущільнення, фазових переходів і руйнувань.

Influence of Chromium Content in Tempering Steels on Phase Transition Temperature A1 and A3.

For the three species of quenched and tempered steel (C50, 50Cr3, 51Cr6) dilatometric studies were conducted. They allowed the determination of transition temperatures Ac1 and Ac3 during heating and Ar3 and Ar1 during cooling. It was observed that increased the chromium content in steels tested resulted in an increase in transition temperature for heating and cooling. It was also observed narrow range of temperature from the beginning to the end of the transition with increasing chromium content.

Guiding the experimental researches of electrotechnical materials with applying of digital video technique

Shown basic advantages of the use of digital video camera for determination of properties of electrical engineering materials on concrete examples: fixing of shows of devices, which do not have an electric output of signal, exception of influence of subjective errors of researcher on the process of measuring, fixing of long duration processes

The structure, mechanical and electrophysical properties of monocrystalline silicon under influence of constant magnetic field

The monocrystalline silicon is one of the most important materials in the view of the fact that it is used in contemporary electronics. The issues concerning silicon processing methods up to now attract a lot of attention of scientists all around the world. From this point of view, the influence of constant magnetic field upon the monocrystalline Czochralski silicon had been studied. The processing of monocrystalline Cz-Si (alloyed with Zr, Hf, Mg, Al, and unalloyed) in weak constant magnetic field (0.07 Tesla) has been carried out.

The mathematical modeling of convective process of wood drying with taking into account phase transitions boundaries

The mathematical model of heat and mass transfer in capillary-porous bodies for drying with taking into account the zone of evaporation movement is given in the work. The analytical solutions of nonlinear problems of heat and mass transfer for unsteady regimes of drying are received. The effect of duration of drying regimes on the temperature of phase transition in wood is investigated