natural rights

Генезис розвитку прав людини в Новий час

Розглянуто основоположні та світоглядні ідеї найвідоміших мислителів періоду
Нового часу. Досліджено історичне формування інституту прав людини у далекоглядних
ідеях визначних мислителів. Ю. Ліпсій у своїх працях зазначає, що природне право є
певним правом людини на життя, що закладено самою природою. Він звертає свою увагу
також на розум та совість людини, що покликані як суддя визначати вчинки із
застосуванням здорового глузду та виокремлював їх як аморальні та моральні. Гуго Гроцій

Theoretical and legal aspects of lawful restrictions on the freedom of movement and free choice of place of residence

In article are considered theoretical questions of legitimate restrictions on the right to freedom of movement and free choice of place of residence. Researched that restrictions under international law are exhaustive and no other restrictions are not valid. Limits imposed by national legislation and existing practice should not extend beyond the limits defined by the international acts. The restriction of freedom of movement and free choice of place of residence may be established in respect of the person’s status and territory to which they apply.

Historical background constitutional recognition human rights in xiii–xviii centuries: european and national theory and practice

The article deals with the development of philosophical and legal views on the theory of natural law as the basis for determining the human rights during XII–XVIII centuries within Europe and in Ukraine. Based on this volume and studied forms of human rights in the consolidation of European and national constitutional acts specified period. Within this, a detailed analysis of the content Bender hetman Phulip Orlyk Constitution, on April 5, 1710.

Justice as the basis right to justice court

In the article the understanding of justice. The complex philosophical and legal ideas and views on the category justice thinkers summarized in three stages: ancient philosophical and legal thought, representatives of the school of “natural law” and a modern understanding of justice. The attention that this is an essential category of rights.