оптимальне керування

Optimal control of tritrophic reaction–diffusion system with a spatiotemporal model

In this paper, we propose a new model of spatio-temporal dynamics concerning the tritrophic reaction-diffusion system by introducing Phytoplankton and Zooplankton.  We recall that the phytoplankton and zooplankton species are the basis of the marine food chain.  There is prey in each marine tritrophic system.  The main objective of this work is to control this species's biomass to ensure the system's sustainability.  To achieve this, we determine an optimal control that minimizes the biomass of super predators.

Структура багатозв’язаної системи керування режимами електротехнологічного комплексу «дугова сталеплавильна піч — електропостачальна мережа»

Запропоновано багаторівневу багатозв’язану структуру системи для адаптивного багатокритеріального оптимального керування режимами електротехнологічного комп- лексу «дугова сталеплавильна піч — електропостачальна мережа».

Position-servo electric optical telescope with variable structure control system

The control system of optical telescope electric drive, which is used for automation of observation processes in positioning and tracking modes to ensure the quality of various quantitative parameters of the telescope in these modes, is synthesized. Mathematical and computer control system models in modes of positioning and tracking were developed. The results of computer simulation in MATLAB / Simulink of developed control system confirmed the theoretical results.