Human rights and freedoms in the philosophy of law Ukrainian populists: origin and formation

The article investigates the features of formation of the populist philosophy of law and the philosophical and legal ideas in Ukraine. The article analyzes the development of philosophical thought in the context of European philosophical and legal culture and the roots of its own formation. The basic ideas of the relationship between the position of human rights with notions of
power and state in philosophical and legal concepts Ukrainian populists, their views on natural law.

Violence in the policies and practices of the stalinist totalitarian regime (historical and legal aspects)

The problem of violence in politics and practice of Stalin’s totalitarian regime, the gist of
which lied in the physical destruction, moral and psychological oppression and conquest of all
citizens of the state is analysed.
The effective methods of the implementation of this programme were the politics and
practice of violence, repressions, terror and fear, the lack of human’s rights before the Soviet

The notion and the meaning of freedom and its connection with law

General theoretical principles regarding the understanding of the essence of freedom
are analyzed. The notion and meaning of freedom are outlined. Certain types of freedom are
characterized. A connection between freedom and law has been identified. The correlation
between “freedom in law” and “rights for freedom” and their meanings are established

Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko – prominent fighter for the human rights and freedoms (to the 200th anniversary of his birth)

The article is devoted to the fight of the great Ukrainian poet, artist and public figure, patriot, defender of rights, freedoms, esteem and dignity. Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko entered the history as prominent and fearless fighter against antinational, antilegal, inhumane political and legal system of Russian Tsarizm. Taras Shevchenko is Ukrainian Prometheus 114 who brought the truth to people by prominent words, forming a national consciousness and willingness of Ukrainians to fight for social and national liberation.