synthesis of structure

Method of Synthesis of Guard Signaling Complex with Location of Seismic Sensors in Far and Close Control Zones

The article presents two methods of synthesis of guard signaling complex (GSC) which are based on the developed mathematical models of the complex reaction on moving object (MO). The first method solves the task of synthesis of GSC structure with minimum quantity of seismic sensors and layout of their location on each route of approach to the object. This task is actual in the phase of its operation. The other method solves the task of synthesis of devices parameters of perspective GSC in the phase of its development.

Synthesis of structure and research of operation of resonance two-mass vibrating table with electromagnetic drive

An industrial necessity of creation of 100-Hz vibratory tables is grounded. The prospect of researches of just resonance electromagnetic vibratory tables is conditioned. The existing vibrating tables on the basis of electromagnetic drive are considered. It is noted that the stages and problems which arise during the creating of high-frequency two-mass vibration table of middle sizes constructed according to classic chart are oulined in the article. The principle scheme of an electromagnetic vibratory table which is to be developed is described.