tourism business

Administrative and legal regulations and governance the tourism sector Ukraine

The paper analyzes the issues related to the development of the domestic tourism business, which consists of recreation and tourism and is an integral part of world tourism process. Despite all the political and socio-economic problems of recent years, the tourism industry can become that sector of the economy of Ukraine, which will serve as the economic growth of our country, which
can be achieved only through effective government regulation and control.

In order to study the theoretical foundations and applied problems of predicting man-made damage to the national economy and methods of management at the state level in paper there is summarizes the theoretical foundations of the application of fuzzy sets

Tourism is an essential sector of every country in contemporary conditions of management. This is because tourism is one of the most dynamic and profitable sectors of the world economy, which helps to increase and spread economic, social and culture relations.

Tourism in Lviv: realities and prospects

The article analyzes the potential, trends and prospects of the Lviv tourism market development. Тhe importance of service sphere to Western Ukraine is emphasized. It was determined that today tourism is one of the two priority areas for the city. The Competitiveness Strategy and the Plan of the Lviv tourist activities development for 2009-2015 were analyzed. The number of tourists visiting Lviv annually is recognized as the key indicator for tourism business.

Концептуальна модель ресурсу для організації туристичних подорожей

The article analyzes the need for the introduction of modern information technologies for effective performance of a tour operator and the whole tourism business in general.