June 20 - 22, 2019

The Fifth International Conference on Automatic Control and Information Technology


Lviv, Ukraine

Will take place from the 20th till the 22th of June (Thursday – Saturday) in Lviv.

The conference will be passed at the department of computerized automatic systems.

You can do a registration through e-mail icacit2019@gmail.com or you can send it through mailing address of conference:

79013, Lviv-13, 
St. Bandera Street, 12
Lviv Polytechnic National University
The department of computerized automatics’ systems,
V-th educational building, room 601

All participators should pay 15. This payment includes participating in conference and printing abstracts of the papers.

To print a report without participating in conference will be cost 15 Euro.

The official languages of conference are English, Polish and Ukrainian. We propose plenary and stand reports. The decisions about the way of presentation are taken by organizing committee of conference. Plenary reports should be performed in computer version. It must be done using any text redactor for example PowerPoint.

Every participator will receive printed report’s synopses. According to the decision of organizing committee of conference some amount of reports will be published in the journal of Cracow University of Technology “Technical Transaction”. It will be sent by the authors to their addresses.

The consideration of reports will be based on submitted reviews of the papers. Reviews of the papers must include all authors’ surnames, the denomination of organization, address of organization, the denomination of report. The amount of synopsis must be 2 pages (format A4). Reviews of the papers can be sent through e-mail using the address of conference’s secretariat. All complete report’s texts will be reviewed.