Challenges and issues for Internet of Things (IoT): recent survey

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most emerging and revolutionary technologies of this century.  The IoT is a network of dedicated devices called things deployed and used to collect, handle and exchange real-world data over the Internet or other networks.  Combined with automation systems, IoT devices can help manage, monitor, and alert users to the changes in their environment,  assist them to make smarter decisions, facilitate daily life, and contribute to the development of the economy and industry.  Nevertheless, the exponential growth of IoT equipment as well as the absence of common international standards leads to huge challenges, among which are security and performance.  Indeed, with an increasing number of devices, the old methods of managing connected devices become inappropriate, which creates security breaches.  Furthermore, the limited resources of IoT devices besides the nature of their network prevent the implementation of strong and sophisticated security measures on them.  As a result, IoT appliances are vulnerable and prone to many security threats and intrusions.  This paper presents an overview of IoT issues and challenges.  Also, it exhibits a deep analysis of the solutions proposed in the literature for these issues.  This assists to mark the concerns that still require to be handled, well outlines the mainstream of research direction, and clears the way for new avenues of research for forthcoming researchers.  Finally, we deliver a guide or support for scientists interested in the Internet of Things.

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