Thermally stressed state of the layer under the influence of currents periodic with respect to the longitudinal coordinate

To evaluate the impact of the important non-uniformity technological factor of the external electric current distribution on the low-temperature heating parameters of flat ferrite elements, taking into account the stressed state (strength characteristics), a model problem is considered to determine and study the thermomechanical behavior of the ferrite layer under the influence of a quasi-steady electromagnetic field created by the current flowing in the current-carrying plane, the density of which changes sinusoidally along the longitudinal coordinate.  In accordance with the earlier results regarding the dependence of the heating process on the frequency of external electromagnetic influence, it is accepted that the circular carrier frequency of the electromagnetic field is outside the vicinity of the resonant ones (when the thermally stressed state has an almost quasi-static character).  In this case, the calculation scheme consists of three stages for sequentially determining the parameters that describe the electromagnetic, temperature, and mechanical fields.

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