Натурні дослідження геліопокрівлі в гравітаційній системі теплопостачання


Пона О. М. / Pona O. M.

Національний університет “Львівська політехніка”,
кафедра теплогазопостачання і вентиляції

This article examines the efficiency of helioroof in natural conditions. Modern energy development is characterized by a significant increase in energy costs. In recent decades, in many countries there is environmental degradation due to the increasing number of fossil fuels, and as a result, increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The need to replace non-renewable energy sources associated not only with their depletion, but also the danger of global scale, which is created by burning coal, oil, gas, peat and the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. The feasibility of using alternative energy sources, current state and prospects of solar energy are analyzed. Today, it is important to improve and develop new solar collectors that would allow them to reduce costs and increase efficiency. A combine solar collector with roof of the house was offered. Helioroof peculiarity is that its solar absorber made of roofing material of the building. The task was to increase efficiency of helioroof. This is done by ensuring that the tubes are located above the solar absorber of solar energy and solar energy absorber made corrugated. This implementation allows helioroof significantly reduce its cost compared to traditional solar collectors. The results of studies on the incoming of solar radiation of helioroof in gravitational heating system are shown. It is shown how the water temperature in the tank, battery, input and output of helioroof are changes throughout the day. The change of the intensity of the heat flux through the day is shown.

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