The formulation and development of methods of solving thermomechanics problems for irradiated layered solids

A mathematical model to describe a thermoelastic state of plane-parallel plates (plate composites) subjected to a thermal radiation is developed. The model is grounded on phenomenological theory of radiation and quasistatic thermoelasticity. It takes into account an effect of radiation on plate surfaces, contact boundaries, and in in semi-transparent areas. It is assumed a perfect contact between the constituents of layers that boundary contact is modeled on the plane surface defined on both sides of its radiation characteristics of the material layers and the conditions of heat and mechanical contacts are ideal. The methods to solve new nonlinear contact-boundaries problems of thermoelasticity are proposed. On analysing the posed problems solutions, the new features of temperature and stresses distributions in plates are established, dependent on radiative properties of layers, layer's thickness and on source temperature.

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