Radiative flow of magnetic nanofluids over a moving surface with convective boundary condition

The influence of convective boundary conditions and heat radiation on magnetic nanofluids (MNFs) flowing through a permeable moving plate is investigated numerically in this study.  The governing partial differential equations (PDEs) are transformed into ordinary differential equations (ODEs) using suitable similarity variables.  The ODEs are solved by implementing the built-in solver in Matlab called bvp4c.  The stability analysis has supported our initial presumption that only the first solution is stable.  The thermal performance between cobalt ferrite nanofluid and manganese-zinc ferrit

Numerical exploration of mixed convection heat transfer features within a copper-water nanofluidic medium occupied a square geometrical cavity

The phenomenon of mixed convection heat transfer in a homogeneous mixture is deliberated thoroughly in this study for cooper-water nanofluids flowing inside a lid-driven square cavity.  By adopting the Oberbeck-Boussinesq approximation and using the single-phase nanofluid model, the governing partial differential equations modeling the present flow are stated mathematically based on the Navier--Stokes and thermal balance formulations, where the important features of the scrutinized medium are presumed to remain constant at the cold temperature.  Note here that the density quantity in the bu