May 23 - 24, 2019

XVIII International Scientific-practical Conference "Resources of Natural Waters of the Carpathian Region (Problems of Protection and Rational Use)"


Lviv, Ukraine

We are glad to invite researchers, consultants, representatives of industry, specialists from administrative structures and all the interested to

 XVIII International Scientific Conference “Resources of Natural Waters of Carpathian Region”

Traditionally organized in the Lviv Polytechnic National University attracts the attention the international organizations  and responsible structures in this region. For example, the Conference carried out in 2017 brought together participants from abroad and from all regions of Ukraine. This resulted in establishing of mutual collaboration on monitoring of natural waters and data exchanges between the scientists of Moldova, Poland, United Kindom and Ukraine.

Organizers are convinced, that the Conference will stimulate the development and improvement of modern research methods of water resources and will contribute into exchange of theoretical and practical experience for providing the principles of sustainable development of the Carpathians water resources. The modern aspects of water management are a subject of priority within the current Conference, in addition to the transboundary character of the considered topics. 

We hope that our meeting will be fruitful and efficient in fixing of the initiatives and establishing of new ones for distribution of positive experiences. For this purpose there are all pre-conditions, including that one, that the Conference will be held in Lviv – the  pearl of Ukraine.

Conference Goals

The Conference is aimed on the consideration of problems of the rational use and protection of natural waters of the Carpathians region and co-operation of involved partners.