Forecasting of oil and gas areas within the south-western part of the Srebnyanska depression of DDB according to the gravity and seismic data

: pp. 86 - 98
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
Precarpathian State Enterprise "SPETSHEOLOGOGROZVIDKA"

Purpose. The purpose of the article is the interpretation of the gravity data with using the seismic data for revealing of zones of decompression with high porosity in the Visean carbonate of the Srebnenska depression (within Dnepro-Donetsk Basin). These zones may be associated with the development of organic Limestone massives, which are promising for hydrocarbon deposits. Methodology. The studying methods include a interpretation of local anomalies of the Gravity field of Scale 1:50 000, data of the detailed and precise gravity survey and modeling of the distribution of densities within the Visean carbonate thickness on zones and along profiles, where a seismic research has been done. The gravity modelling has been done with the help of some copyrights computer technology in 2D and 3D direct and inverse problems of gravity. Results. Local anomaly maps of the gravity field have been designed with the help of stock gravimetric materials. Identified a number of negative local anomalies are associated with the hydrocarbon deposits. According to the materials of specialized precision gravity observations from seismic profiles modeled density distribution within the carbonate "plate". According to the results of computer interpretation of detailed gravimetric observations of scale of 1:10,000, carried out in the region of Gnidynsko-Belousivska square, built a three-dimensional model of the density distribution within the Visean carbonate. According to the results of 2D and 3D gravity modeling there were zones of carbonate decompression revealed, which tend to the elevated surface areas of the carbonate "plate" and to the areas with increased carbonate thickness within which bioherm constructions were predicted by seismic data to be situated. In this detailed three-dimensional density model in addition to the decompression of isometric zones or complex forms there are also circle anomalies of decompression, which cover sealed carbonates, has been revealed. The simulation results are used to study the prospects Gnidynsko-Belousivska Square of DDB for petroleum potential. Originality. It’s proved that in complex geological-geophysical conditions the use of high-precized gravity research and computer technology of interpretation of its materials is actually inexpensive and geologically effective instrument of solving of a detailed discomposition task for low power density of objects in the volume and in the section, even in the depths more than 4000 m. Practical significance. On practice its shown that the computer re-interpretation of its conditioning stock gravimetric maps of scale 1:50 000 significantly increases its informative value and it can be the basis for the identifying of new sites, that are promising for the prospecting and exploration of oil and gas. According to of three-dimensional detailed model has allowed outlining prospective density anomalies: local zones and decompression zones, which are framed by the anomalies of decompression.

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