The Earth: virtuality of plate tectonics, conformality of fixism and mobilism
Received: August 26, 2017
Institute of geophysics of NAS of Ukraine

Aim. The need to revise the views on the tectonic evolution of the Earth is caused by dissatisfaction with its modern paradigm - the tectonics of lithospheric plates. The purpose of this article is a healthy critical analysis of the fundamental principled discussion points of the concept of plate tectonics and the hypothesis of the hot belts of the Earth. Methodology: Analysis of the essence of the hypothesis of the hot belts of the Earth and the concept of plate tectonics, and discerning the main advantages and disadvantages that determine their capabilities. Chronological analysis and correlation of geological structures of the Earth have been made in connection with the spatial location of their intersecting paleomagnetic equators, reflecting corresponding geotectonic episodes, and catastrophic events in the evolution of the Earth. Results. Due to the multiplicity (instability) of the results of its solution, the inconsistency of the basic dynamic premise of the tectonics of lithospheric plate - mantle convection is shown. As an alternative, we considered the migration of the solid shell of the planet along the liquid-phase roof of the outer core and the lower asthenosphere being under the influence of a rotational-gravitational mechanism. Convection mixing of the mantle substance and the subduction-induced displacement of the lithosphere derived from it remain outside the discussion. The rotational-gravitational regime of the Earth appears to be the principle mechanism influencing the structural transformation of the tectonosphere, which led to the formation at maximums of different-aged and multidirectional antiforms of equatorial swells of the planet of rotational riftogens. Originality. In terms of the degree of self-sufficiency, the proposed hypothesis of the hot belts of the Earth is represented as a missing link between the antipodal geological worldviews: fixism, whose established scientific canons have remained inviolable, and mobilism in its new transcription, on the basis of dynamic rotational-gravitational mechanisms and the accompanying deep subnuclear magmatism. Practical significance. Crossing different age structures by paleoequators led to the formation of riftogenic nodes and their anomalous associations in various regions of the world, within which the largest industrial accumulations of hydrocarbons are known. The analysis of riftogenic nodes as outlets of migration of deep fluids and zones of unloading deep energy, will allow to unconventionally approach the development of a new strategy for the search for hydrocarbon raw materials.

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